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Vidplanet Premium 4.1

Video Portal Cms

  1. Pro_9x


    Update History
    version 4.1 – 8 December, 2014

    - Playlist feature added.
    - Admin can create video playlists using youtube, vimeo, html5 videos.
    - Playlists are shown in frontend portal, with awesome interface.
    - Small bug fixes.

    version 4.0 – 26 September, 2014

    - Re-written whole software User Interface and templating
    - Neon UI integrated
    - Layer slider integrated for featured videos
    - Youtube, vimeo api bug fixed and updated for multiple upload
    - video file uploading with ajax
    - Multi-language support
    - RTL theme support for both frontend and backend

    Featured videos in Layer slider
    Wide video player
    Awesome playlist with youtube,vimeo,html5 videos
    Popup video preview
    Category wise browsing
    Youtube, Vimeo and your Uploaded video files
    Multi Language support
    RTL (right-to-left text alignment support)
    Admin can add videos from multiple sources
    One click web installer
    Fully responsive

    • Apache server for running php
    • Database access,purchase code during installation
    • Php curl should be enabled
    • One purchase code is legal for using one domain only
    Installation service
    We will help you for installation of our script. If you still fail or having confusion, you can order our software installation service via envato studio:
    ongchu485 thích bài này.

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