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Post as Staff 1.0.6 nulled - Addon xenforo free 1.0.6

addon giúp phân biệt bài viết của Staff với bài viết của thành viên bình thường

  1. King
    With this addon, you are able to mark any of your posts as Staff Posts with the help of a simple toggle in the reply screen. Staff Posts can be configured to look very different from the usual posts on your forum, and via the use of the available style properties, can be used creatively by the users for a wide range of purposes rather than just for staff posts.

    - Permission based control. Determine who you want to give access to the toggle to post as staff.
    - 'Staff Post' (can be changed via phrase) indicator (can be styled via style properties)
    - Option to turn on/off the poster's message block. (can be turned off to remain as an anonymous staff poster).
    - Style properties to control the message block background colour, change the colour/border of the post. i.e. you can highlight it more efficiently using these style properties.
    - Style properties to control the message font/colours etc.
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