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[Nobita] Social Groups (Teams/Guilds/Clubs) 2.2.5 nulled 2.2.5

mod bang hội cho xenforo, cho phép thành viên có thể lập nhóm riêng để hoạt động giống như facebook

  1. King
    mod bang hội cho xenforo, cho phép thành viên có thể lập nhóm riêng để hoạt động giống như facebook group, mang sự tự nhiên và khác biệt tới người dùng


    [Nobita] Social Groups (Teams/Guilds/Clubs) for XenForo
    Live Demo:
    Groups | Nobita Community
    • Categories - Unlimited categories and nested categories
    • Custom Fields - Unlimited custom fields.
    • Permissions - Full permissions package (Normal and Moderator).
    • Responsive styles - Index, View, and more...
    • MemberGroup permission - Define rules for each member of groups
    In Groups (Teams) view you can:
    If you're owner of Groups (Teams):

    • Edit teams - Depend permissions
    • Update privacy
    • Choose an ribbon
    • Generate an URL Portion
    • Delete Groups (Teams) - Depend permissions
    • Upload an avatar to Groups (Teams) - Depend permission
    • Delete any posts in Groups (Teams)
    • Delete any comments in Groups (Teams)
    • Sticky or unsticky any posts
    • Promote or demote any members
    • Approve or unapprove any requests to join
    • And much more...
    If you're admin of Groups (Teams):This depend all action you allow do in ACP option (Admin Advanced Permissions). Currently its support actions:
    • Assign any users into Groups (Teams)
    • Remove members
    • Promote members
    • Manage any posts, comments - Edit, Delete
    • Approve or unapprove requests join
    • Sticky or unsticky posts
    • Send alert to all users
    • And much more...
    Group Walls: Currently, addon allow using 3 walls: Public, Member Zone and Admin Zone. All the content belong to that wall require an permission with current visitor to viewing.
    • Public: Contents available to all visitor. (Depend on group privacy)
    • Member Zone: Just only for valid member (joined and accepted) of the group.
    • Admin Zone: Just for admin of group only.
    Threads System: The threads system inherit almost permission of XenForo (edit, delete, move,...). To using threads system for groups. You must assign the node store for group category. You can find the option when edit an group category. Also each group must be enable the tabs 'threads' or 'discussions'.

    XenForo Intelligent Support:

    • Alerts
    • News Feed
    • Report - Groups (Teams), Posts, Comments
    • Moderation queue
    • Searching (Only search title)
    • Tagging user in posts, comments
    • And more....
    Third Parties Addon Supported:
    • sonnb-XenGallery
    • XenForo Gallery
    Route prefixes: Addon support route prefixes:
    • teams
    • groups
    • clubs
    • guilds
    • Waindigo Social Forums
    • An purchased you only use for single domain registered.
    • Any share or use multiple domain will be remove customers.

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