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CustomPages by HeadHodge 1.0 -A file tool to remotely manage server directories and files with Ajax 1.0

CustomPages by HeadHodge 1.0 -A file tool to remotely manage server directories and files with Ajax

  1. Quang Nguyễn
    CustomPages by HeadHodge
    Includes two CustomPages: 'FileTool' and 'Hello'

    I do volunteer database mgmt. and custom coding for The Kavaforums, a worthy non-profit organization.

    During the course of my work, I developed a file tool that I use to make my job a little easier. I call it 'FileTool' (original isn't it?).

    'FileTool' Screenshot:

    The work I needed to do required me to learn how to work with the Xenforo framework. To help me learn, I developed a little test program that I use to experiment XF concepts. I call it 'Hello'. It's my rendition of the veritable time-honored hello program.

    'Hello' Screenshot:

    I had such a long learning curve with Xenforo, I thought I would share my code with the hopes that it may help others using the Xenforo framework.

    Administrators may find this useful as a remote file tool. Developers and others may find this useful as a working example that demonstrates a variety of techniques I use to interface with the Xenforo framework.

    I include my 'Hello' page for those who may be interested in a bare bones example of a CustomPage with a xf style overlay using Ajax/Json.

    'File Tool' Features:
    • Traverse the Server File Structure.
    • Upload Files.
    • Cut, Copy, Paste Directories and Files.
    • Edit/Delete Directories and Files.
    • Unzip Files.

    'File Tool' Techniques:
    • JQuery/Html:
      • Passing objects between client/server using Ajax/Json
      • Creating multpart forms with the HTML5 FormData object
      • Create a multipart post to upload FormData files
      • Encode/Decode binary data in a Json object
      • HTML5 'flex' elements for better layout control
      • Self invoking objects to isolate variables (Namespace)
    • JQuery-Tools:
      • Creating xf style overlays
    • JQuery-UI:
      • Dragging/Dropping Table Columns
      • Dragging/Resizing Table Columns
    • PHP:
      • Various file system functions (i.e. 'rename file', 'delete file')
      • Dynamic class loading
      • Unzipping files
      • Retrieving/Saving uploaded multipart form files
      • Encoding/Decoding binary data for Json objects
    • Xenforo:
      • Interfacing Page Nodes to a callback controller
      • Using a JSON View method to stringify objects to Json format
      • Using a RAW View method to return Html without templates
      • Using Callbacks in templates to inject Html into them.
      • Using $Visitor object to implement a security feature.
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