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Crea8social 3.3

PHP Social Networking Platform

  1. Pro_9x
    Version 3.3 [01/02/2015]
    -Fixed deletion of posts/pages/games/users/community by non owners
    -BLock the trick to unfollow/Unfriend users for other members
    -Prevent multiple posts when user like a page or games
    -Fixed issue with email not going through when someone make comment on post
    -Fixed bug in post
    -Allow admin to be able to access private profiles
    -Prevent sharing of private post to social networks like posts directed to friends
    -Added verifybade to post comments
    -Added ability for admin to fully manage any page created by members
    -Improved the change of profile/page cover and community display photo
    -Fixed xss bug in posting location
    -Fixed issue with long text breaking layout on users profile
    -Fixed overwritten of other posts by stranger
    -Added option to search pages via admincp
    -Fixed issue with ban system allow

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