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Brivium - rock paper scissors 1.1.1 - Addon oản tù tì xenforo 1.1.1

Cùng nhau chơi oản tù tì nào. Addon sử dụng credit của brivium tiêu thụ trong game nhé

  1. okevnn
    This is the upgraded version of the game "Rock Paper Scissors" of children. This game is a very simple game which was designed by our developers.

    Users could choose to play with computer or challenge other users. You could play to get credit or against others. The administrator could set the rate of win-lose through the panel board. The rules of this game are very simple:
    + Rock wins Scissor because Rock crushes Scissor
    + Scissor wins Paper because Scissor cuts Paper
    + Paper wins Rock because Paper covers Rock
    This game is for entertainment purpose.

    - You can play against the computer
    - And you can play with others users.
    - Ability to play without points.
    - Ability to play with Credits Premium, Credits (Lite), Trophy Points.
    - Random or chosen pick Rock/Paper/Scissors.
    - Can set minimum/maximum betting amount.
    - Can set taxation for each challenge.
    - Can set taxation for remove challenge.
    - Can set winning/losing percent on challenge computer mode.
    - Ability to view play history by own.
    - Fully support AJAX.
    - Fully support Credits Premium Alert & Transaction system.
    - Fully support Credits Lite Alert & Transaction system.
    - The rules:
    ++ Rock blunts and breaks scissors
    ++ Paper covers and captures rock
    ++ Scissor cuts paper

    Please follow the installation instructions as noted in README.txt

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