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Brivium Auto Link Replacer 2015-02-11

Brivium Auto Link Replacer xenforo

  1. anhtinh
    Bản 10$ bán tại https://brivium.com/resources/auto-link-replacer.24/

    This add-on allows administrators to automatically add link attachments in any words of site/forum. With these advantages, you could increase advertisement/affiliate for your site and buy/sell keyword in your forum.

    Auto Link Replacer provides you 3 main selections: You can replace keywords inside tags by overriding existing link; You can also replace the description of resource in resource view page which XenForo Resource Manager required; or You can replace those words only on first post or thread. The system will allow admin to optimize how many links will be added into selected words as well as a group of people will not be affected by Auto Link Replacer.

    - Can automatically add links to any words in the user's posts by your choice.
    - Can set rel=nofollow or rel=follow for each keywords.
    - Can view the number of the click for each keywords.
    - Can choose replace (override or not) inside <a> tag.
    - Can limit amounts of time that each keyword being replaced with a post.
    - Can set to replaces only for a first post.
    - Can select which affected user groups these permissions should be forced on to.
    - Supported multiple languages (example: Greek,...)
    - Can import / export keyword replace rules.
    - Supported XenForo Resource Manager

    Please follow the installation instructions as noted in README.txt

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