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Better Blogs pro 1.0.44 nulled 1.0.44

Treat your community to blogs. Better blogs.

  1. King
    Better Blogs is here. This is a XenForo integrated blogging system that is meant to be both a replacement for blogs for people that are migrating from vBulletin, and a fully featured blogging solution for communities that want to offer their members the opportunity of engaging into blogging in an easy way.

    XenForo 1.4 ready
    • Responsive Design
    • Edit History
    • Save Draft functionality
    • Tag a user with @user
    • Sitemaps integration

    Basic Features
    • Enable members to have a blog
    • Blog Entries
    • Comments
    • Attachment support
    • User Categories
    • Global Categories

    XenForo integration
    • Alerts and Notifications
    • Integration with the News Feed
    • Integration with the PostBit
    • Integration with the Member Page
    • Integration with the Member Card
    • Integration with the navigation
    • Support for Likes on an entry
    • Support for Likes on a comment
    • Support for route filters
    • Moderator actions logged in AdminCP
    • Integration with AdminCP Stats
    • Integration with Spam Cleaner
    • Integrated with XenForo search (including Enhanced Search)

    Blog functionality
    • Subscription to blogs
    • Subscription to entries
    • Moderation tools
    • Inline moderation
    • Report and entry or post
    • Blogs Home Page
    • Browse by category
    • Summary by year View
    • Scheduled entries
    • Blog Roll, integrated with Followers list
    • RSS syndication for your blog
    • Global RSS

    Advanced functionality
    • Blog Customization
    • Download and Upload Customization
    • Download Blog
    • Widget Customization with BD Widget
    • Sitemap for better SEO
    • Integration with robots.txt file
    • Customization with Web Fonts
    • Privacy, limit entries to followers
    • Privacy, limit entries to members
    • Privacy, limit entries to specified users
    • Retina Display ready

    Importer ready
    • Importer for vBulletin 3.8/4
    • Importer for XI Blog 1.1 Beta 4
    • Importer for LN Blog

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    Instant delivery to your paypal email address.

    The Demo
    Demo Site? Of course. Visit:
    Feel free to create an account and play with it as much as you want, that site is meant as a demo
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Recent Reviews

  1. hansinz
    Version: 1.0.44
    no file to download

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