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Addon-PostComments 2.0

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  1. madley
    This mod will add comments in posts. After you install the mod go to the group(s) that you want to use the Post Comment System, then when editing that group permissions, all the way to the bottom you will see a new permission setting added: Post Comments. It has 6 permissions.

    1) Post comments:

    2) Edit comments by self:

    3) Edit comments by others:

    4) Delete comments by self:

    5) Delete comments by others:

    6) Daily comments limit. Leave 0 for no limit:

    This last permission is to put a stop to abusing the post comments. To do so, go to the forum in question and when changing it under Basic Information tab, all the way to the bottom you will see a new setting called: Daily Comment Limit:: Set it accordingly and then save the changes.

    Several other options are also available at the mod settings which can be found in your Acp->Options->Post Comments. There you have the following settings:

    1) An option to choose a forum(s) to disable the Post Comments.

    2) Latest Comment!

    3) Minimum characters in post comments.

    4) Maximum characters in post comments.

    5) Bad/Spam Words Filter. You can block a word(s) from being posted in post comments.

    Whenever an user makes a comment in a post then the poster will be notified of that fact via an alert. If users do not want to be notified then they can disable the alert notifications
    at their profiles->Alert Preferences->Messages in Threads->Comments your message. Uncheck this option and save the changes.

    The comments will appear below each post. By default there will appear only 3 comments and then a new link will show up to display the rest. The number of comments shown up is controlled by the second setting called: Latest Comment! in the mod 's settings.

    In the version 2.0 several new options were added that can be seen here:


    For more info please check the attached screenshots.

    Note: Due to my very busy schedule this mod is feature frozen. Meaning no new features/options will be added. If you want per se a new option/feature then please contact me in private and I can add it as a custom work for you for an extra fee.

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